About Us

Grenades Biotech specializes in Non Antibiotic,Naturally Essential oil with Nano-Delivery system, 
“Grenades Biotech Co.,Ltd.” was created from the passion and believe in livestock industry that we can better the feed industry. With the knowledge and hands-on experiences, we aim to eliminate the use of antibiotics and chemical usage in animal feed. We can make the industry better like the gemstone of the innovation.
The livestock industry has been developed sustainedly as we all witnessed. It turns crisis into opportunity making be the leader in the world . 
Dr.Kitti is certain that “we will grow even further from the agricultural and food industry based on the natural innovation from high-technology machine.”
We are ready to be the effective co-creator to create the new phenomenon of animal living quality from the innovation that will solve and answer all obstacles. We will achieve our goals together

“Medi Juice” : based on The use the Nano Delivery technology which transform essential oil into the form that can be absorbed at the desire target organ with the appropriate assigned dosage 
“Designer 8G" : naturally Innovative designable Egg 
"SEDDStrong" : Replace Antibiotic “Colistin” 
"Medi-powder" : Power of Naturally Anticoccidial products
Dr.Kitti Supchukun
CEO / Founder Grenades Biotech Co.,Ltd.